Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce that the 28th International Conference of the Spanish and Portuguese Society for English Renaissance Studies (SEDERI) will be held in Pontevedra (Spain) on 3-5 May 2017. The conference theme is “Transcultural Bridges: Seas, Towns and Texts in Early Modern England”. As metaphorical bridges, seas, urban areas and texts have frequently functioned as environments in which different cultures, social classes, genders and races have interacted in significant ways. The conference will focus on trans textual and transcultural negotiations in English texts of the 16th and 17th centuries and their afterlives.

The following plenary speakers have already confirmed their participation:

William C. Carroll (Boston University)

Margarete Rubik (University of Vienna)

Ramona Wray (Queen’s University, Belfast)

We welcome proposals for papers and round table discussions (20-minute presentation + 10-minute discussion) in English. A suggested – though not prescriptive – list of topics includes:

  • Transtextuality: allusion, adaptation, parody, and translation.
  • Cultural transfers and transitions.
  • Transcultural difference and sameness.
  • Broken bridges: disjunction, disruption, and dispute.
  • Political intermediation and interference.
  • The sea as break and bridge.
  • Travel writing and imaginary voyages.
  • Locations and dislocations, utopias and dystopias.
  • Geographies, topographies, and cartographies.
  • The town, the city, and the court.
  • Linguistic contact, variation, and change.

Proposals must include the following information:

  • The full title of your paper.
  • A 200-word abstract.
  • Any technical requirements for the presentation.
  • Your name, postal address and e-mail address.
  • Your institutional affiliation
  • Your SEDERI membership status (member, non-member, application submitted).

Please submit your proposal as an e-mail attachment (preferably .doc or . docx) to before 15 February 2017.

Organising committee: Jorge Figueroa Dorrego, Jorge L. Bueno Alonso, Dolores González Álvarez, Ángeles Tomé Rosales, Teresa Caneda Cabrera, Martín Urdiales Shaw, José Carregal Romero and Cristina Rodríguez Ravelo.

Scientific committee: Francisco Borge López (U. Oviedo), Berta Cano Echevarría (U. Valladolid), Pilar Cuder Domínguez (U. Huelva), Rui Carvalho Homem (U. Porto), Mark Hutchings (U. Reading), Jesús López Peláez (U. Jaén), Juan Antonio Prieto Pablos (U. Sevilla) and Maria de Jesus Relvas (U. Aberta).